Bianco Pietro S.n.c. uses, for the construction of the tools, various types of steel and hard metal according to the materials to be machined. Those listed below are the most common.

They define rapid steels those ones used to construct suitable tools for machining various materials with high cutting speeds. The high-speed steels are characterized by high hot hardness, high wear resistance, compressive, and keeping the sharp obtained by acting on carbon and alloying elements on chromium, tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium, cobalt.
HSS (M2): Characterized by excellent wear resistance and toughness, it is definitely the most frequently-speed steel. It is currently used for mass production of tools subject to dynamic stress.
HSS Co5% (M35): High speed steel with excellent tool life, red hardness and toughness.

Best features of use and a longer life of the product as a function of toughness and hardness, are some of the characteristics of the materials produced by powder metallurgy.
ASP 30: is a powders  steel tied characterized by:
- high wear resistance
- high compressive strength at high hardness
- good toughness
ASP 60: is a powders  steel tied characterized by:
- maximum wear resistance
- maximum resistance to compression

HM: micro-grain quality for machining stainless steels, acid resistant and heat, alloy steel with chrome, nickel and cobalt, titanium alloys, non-ferrous metals, plastic materials
HM20: micro-grain quality for machining gray cast iron, chilled cast iron, non-alloy steel, superalloys, titanium and tantalum alloys, non-ferrous materials, heat resistant steels, plastic materials
D81S: micro-grain quality for machining steel, stainless steel and difficult to machine materials (eg, titanium ...)
HSC4: ultrafine quality for high-speed machining (HSC) materials up to 59 HRC
HSC2: ultrafine quality for high-speed machining (HSC) materials between 59 and 65 HRC
HM08: ultrafine quality for the processing of ultra-hard materials over 65 HRC and very abrasive materials

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