Biancopietro snc counts over 200 clients among which many leading Italian companies.

Our companies has acquired a highly qualified Know-How through continuous improvements of productions technologies (CNC cutter grinding machines and other tool measurement machines). We can now serve at best many industries requests like automotive, motorbikes, electronics, aeronautics, aerospace and precision mechanics.
 Our production includes: TWIST AND DRILLS - stadards and specials; with lubrication holes, cylindrical or conical heads; MILLING CUTTER - standards and specials; with variable helix or multiple cuttig; with disco or profile milling heads; DISIGNED AND CUSTOMED-MADE TOOLS; REAMERS; EXPANDERS - standards and specials; TAPS and DIES; MECHANICAL ASSEMBLY TOOL KIT.

Our technicians’ expertise is client oriented and our products rely on the best quality for the best price. Our choice of suppliers is high-quality materials oriented; reliability and fast deliveries are our assets which allow our clients to receive in the shortest  time possible our deliveries and our excellent standard tools. Our technicians operate under a strict quality management procedure, testing each phase of the manufacturing  process with specific measurement testing machines. This  allows us to provide our clients with quality certificates for each tool produced.
Our technical department  is in charge of our customer care service, from the calculation of each particular tool, combining our technicians experience to the support of design software as SolidWorks. This program not only allows the development of 2D and 3D designs, but also simulates the specific work profile to perform as well as the design within limited spaces in which the tools need to work in.

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