Thanks to its new concept of machine, the S22 E NUM series is a high quality technology, and its field of application goes above and beyond the conventional regrinding of tools.
This machine is used to the process of pieces and high precision complex components in the fabrication and regrinding of standard and special tools.


The S22 E NUM represents the perfect combination between productivity, precision, simplicity of use and unparalleled flexibility.
This technology uses the patented vertical principle, with vertical spindle and changing wheel device supplied. Its peculiarity are speed and power for production of high quality tools with advanced technologies, in line with high quality and precision standards. The 8–station wheel changer permits the complete machining of tools, complex and clear components of different materials (e.g. solid carbide, high speed steel etc.)
The patented vertical principle, with vertical spindle has a solid and very stiff structure, it guarantees better results and offers several advantages, as:

  • optimal stiffness
  • ideal axis movements
  • long sharpening strokes
  • short positioning strokes
  • high precision
  • high ergonomic – assisted tool substitution

It’s equipped with digital operation and optical scales that guarantee reliability, precision, power, and a remarkable speed of production of our tools, in addition to precision. It’s equipped also with tool automatic device detection through the electronic measuring tracer. The electronic measuring tracer is equipped with automatic calibration software and it can measure automatically the complete geometry of the clamped tool in the indexing head.
The software measures the radial and axial position of the tool, in addition to all the relevant data. The measuring system is equipped with automatic gauging, and it permits the complete or partial acquisition of the tool data.
The measuring tracer is equipped with automatic gauging, and it allows the complete or partial recording of the tool data. The machine bed of polymeric granite (big dimensions, great damping) and oversized guides are the basis to guarantee the highest precision. Thanks to the division of the mechanical components from the work area, some parts especially sensitive of S22E NUM are particularly protected.
The S22 E NUM sharpening center is equipped with 14 coolant nozzles on the grinding head and 8 nozzles on the indexing head, and it guarantees an optimal working direction with high cooling pressure. Our chain loader can product up to 155 pieces.
The S22 E NUM is equipped with NUM AXIUM Power P2 with the sharpening tools software NUMROTO®plus. This software can satisfy the most difficult operations of fabrication and sharpening thanks to a very adaptable system of organization, fast and clear 2D and 3D simulations, and a control of the integrated collision.


3D simulation and 3D collision control
With the integration of 3D simulation of pieces with grinding process and collision control, animated with 3d simulation of the machine in NUMROTO software, we have a general global solution characterized by a wide range of options and comforts. In addition to 2D simulation, NUMROTO plus can be also used with 3D Numroto integrated software. As for 2d simulation, this software permits a simulation in scale of the whole tool.
Even the best software and the best grinding operators cannot always avoid a collision during the grinding. A wheel not engaged, the spindle or the utilities (tailstock, support) can cause a collision. To avoid this, NUMROTO and 3D NUMROTO have an integrated collision control and, if requested, it can be totally automatic.

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