S11speed - the ultimate in tool-grinding. The S11 has been specifically designed for grinding modern precision tools. With the S11, single tools and small batches can be ground amazingly fast, economically and with versatility – and all this with the highest operating ease. A wide range of fittings assures a great adaptation to every type of regrinding.

Spiral and relief grinding attachment - simple and versatile
In combination with the universal indexing head, the spiral and relief grinding attachment transforms the longitudinal motion of the tool slide into the desired spiral form. Thus, you can easily and precisely grind faces and flanks on twisted left-hand and right-hand cutting tools as well as countersinks, taps, step drills and form cutters.

Radius grinding attachment
With the radius grinding attachment for the S11, you can grind perfect radii on any tools, no matter whether convex, concave or straight, angular or twisted flutes. Even for difficult accessible radii or for flanks on radius tools with twisted flutes, the S11 provides proof of its really impressive strength: Transitionless grinding of radius and peripheral flanks in one single pass. This unique method of comfortable radius grinding is only offered by the S11 from Deckel.

Video measuring system
Working with the microscope for a long time is tiring and a strain on the eyes. The video measuring system makes easier for the user the strenuous focussing of the tool with the aid of a video camera and transmits the image to a colour monitor. The latter shows a three-dimensional image of the tool and, at the same time, permits assessment of the surface quality. The video measuring system can be retrofitted to all S11 measuring systems using a microscope and consists of a USB colour camera (10x – 110x zoom), a 14" colour monitor, a camera bracket and a monitor console.

Motor drive
For fitting to the universal indexing head. Running in clockwise and anticlockwise sense, for simple cylindrical grinding. Indexing head spindle speed: 100 to 1000 r. p. m., operating voltage: 220 V.

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